Sweetwater, Texas

  • 24/7 Full Service
  • Hangar Rentals
  • Jet A & 100LL Fuel
  • Courtesy Car
  • New Owner/Operator
  • Flying Club
  • Local Attractions

24/7 Service - no call out fees

Airport Info
Fuel Prices

24/7 Fuel Service

Hangar Rentals

Free Overnight Tie Downs

Wifi & Satellite TV

Public Restrooms

Courtesy Car

Avenger Field    KSWW

Elevation: 2380 ft

17/35  5840 ft  Asphalt

4/22  5685 ft  Asphalt

3 miles from Sweetwater Tx.

100LL:  $3.85/gal.

Jet A:  $2.85/gal.

Ask about our Quantity, Holiday and Weekend Discounts, Up to 20 Cents


Wind Generators

Rattlesnake Roundup

WASP Museum

Pioneer Museum.